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Thomas Liepsner
Colle Puccioli 24 Siena,
Chiusdino Italien, 53012
+39 (0) 329 611 46 50
E-Mail: (the tuscan art center chuisdino)



The Tuscan Art Center (TAC) sits on top of a hill in Chiusdino, Italy with beautiful panoramic views of Tuscany. Chiusdino is located in between Grosseto and Siena, with both Florence and the sea close by.


Here is an aerial view of the estate using Google Maps. Use the mouse or the + and – buttons to zoom in and out of the map and to explore Chiusdino and it’s neighboring cities.


In addition to the art center, I also offer a quaint bed and breakfast perfect for travelers, families, couples and artists looking to relax, explore and soak up the Tuscan sun. If you are interested in vacationing with us, you can book your stay here: