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Tuscan Art Center
- History & Vision

When I first purchased this estate in 1983 I was welcomed by rats, scorpions and a beautifully dilapidated farm ruin, which has since been transformed into The Tuscan Art Center (TAC). There were no windows, doors, or roofs on the structures- let alone water, electricity or telephone lines to the property. Still, I was mesmerized, and knew immediately that this collapsed gem would one day be my home. I am a father of four and thirty years ago began my lifelong adventure on top of one of the most beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany.

I was born in 1945 in the United States and since I can remember, have collected things that fascinate me. Although my childhood dreams and tastes have changed, the desire to have precious, beautiful objects close to me have not. I left the US as a young adult and lived in various European countries as well as Egypt where I studied Egyptology, archeology, art and history. I refined my eye for the arts and continued my lifelong journey collecting ceramics, textiles, pictures, wrought iron, beads, books and much, much more.

As my art collections grew, so did my vision for the property. Slowly, the ancient, dilapidated farm that I once knew, began to transform into the beautiful estate that it is today and The Tuscan Art Center (TAC) was born. TAC has been developed into a creative environment of inspiration for travelers, students and the local community of Chiusdino. With the help of international universities, TAC has developed a well-rounded ceramic studio, including an extraordinary wood-burning kiln built by students. Additionally, an old barn has been developed into a ceramics museum showcasing the intricate, ancient tiles that I have been collecting all my life. These tiles range from Pharaonic Egypt through The Middle Ages and into 19th century Italian Maiolica. Currently TAC offers various workshops, lectures and events and is in the process of developing other studios both for the visual and performing arts.



In addition to the art center, I also offer a quaint bed and breakfast perfect for travelers, families, and artists looking to relax, explore and soak up the Tuscan sun. If you are interested in vacationing with us, you can book your stay here:

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